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King County Boards and Commissions Currently Recruiting:

King County accepts applications from individuals seeking an appointment to a King County board or commission at any time. To apply for a position on a King County board or commission, individuals must complete a basic application form (PDF).  If appointed to a King County board or commission, newly appointed board members will also be required to complete a King County Board of Ethics financial disclosure form (PDF).

King County seeks to create an inclusive and accessible process for individuals who wish to serve on a King County board or commission.  We strive to ensure that King County boards and commissions are representative of the communities we serve.

Currently recruiting for qualified candidates are the following boards and commissions:

Children and Youth Advisory Board

The King County Children and Youth Advisory Board (CYAB) is seeking individuals interested in serving on the CYAB for a three-year term beginning February 1, 2022.  The CYAB serves as the oversight and advisory body for the Best Starts for Kids Initiative, the King County Youth Action Plan, and the Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account (PSTAA).  Please share this email with anyone you believe would be interested in serving on the board.  To learn more about the appointment application process CLICK HERE or email

The CYAB has a strong commitment to equity and intentionally seeks to maintain balanced representation of board members who reflect all communities we serve. Individuals residing in King County, especially those who identify as Native America/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, residents from rural areas of King County, seniors, and young leaders 24 years of age or younger are encouraged to apply.
The application process is open now and will end September 30, 2021.  

Conservation Futures Advisory Committee

The King County Conservation Futures Advisory Committee – a volunteer advisory board serving King County government – is seeking individuals who are interested in and knowledgeable about the acquisition and protection of open space lands to serve on the Committee. The County wants the Committee membership to reflect the racial diversity of the county, and encourages Black, Indigenous and people of color applicants.
Funds from the King County Conservation Futures tax levy (CFT) are used to purchase or preserve open space lands, including natural areas, passive-use parks, urban greenspaces, wildlife habitat, trails, farms and forests in King County. The CFT program has recently added a funding opportunity to help provide open spaces in historically underserved areas where residents experience hardships such as low incomes and poor health outcomes and a lack of open space.

Members of the advisory committee review applications for CFT funds and make project funding recommendations to the King County Executive, who then submits a funding recommendation package to the King County Council for approval.

Service on the committee typically requires (though is subject to change, and during the COVID-19 pandemic meetings are held online):

• Attending six or more mid-week, evening committee meetings between January and May, and one to two more meetings the rest of the year (typically held on Mercer Island); 
• Attending up to eight field trips to tour applicant sites in late March and April; and
• Actively participating in, and contributing to, the work of the Committee. 
King County Conservation Futures Advisory Committee open positions:

There are four open positions on the 16-member committee, available only to residents of council districts 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Please consult the Council District Locator map to determine what King County Council District you live in:

Recruitment is open until November 8. Please contact:

• If you live in Council District 2, contact Rhonda Lewis (
• If you live in Council District 3, contact Jackie White (
• If you live in Council District 7, contact Theo Madura (
• If you live in Council District 5, 6, or 8, please contact Madeline Cavazos (

For questions about CFT or the Committee’s work please visit, or contact Conservation Futures program coordinator Ingrid Lundin (

King County International Airport Roundtable

King County is seeking volunteers interested in serving on the King County International Airport Roundtable.  The Roundtable is an advisory board that makes recommendations to the airport's administrators, the King County Executive and King County Council.  The Roundtable is comprised of 16 members representing aviation-related businesses and communities interested in airport issues. The Roundtable also has one ex-officio member from the Federal Aviation Administration.  Members serve 3-year terms - with a 2-term limit.

Individuals interested in serving as community representatives must reside in the communities they wish to represent. If you are interested in serving on the King County International Airport Roundtable, we are currently accepting applications to fill three (3) community representative positions, including a: 

  • representative from communities directly affected by the airport - unincorporated community

If you have any questions about the Roundtable, please contact the King County International Airport Office at 206-296-7380.  For questions about the appointment process, please contact Rick Ybarra, Liaison for boards and commissions, King County Executive Office, at

Seattle Ferry Advisory Committee

The Ferry Advisory Committee reports to the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) and reports on problems experienced within the area served by the Washington State Ferries, particularly when the DOT is conducting a review of the tariffs and other ferry service questions.

The committee is comprised of 3 representatives serving four-year terms.

The committee must have at least one person representing an established ferry user group. Each member shall reside in the vicinity of the Colman Dock terminal. Members are frequently asked to represent ferry patrons by serving on Ferry Planning Committees. At the time of appointment, not more than two members shall be from the same political party. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Rick Ybarra, Liaison for Boards & Commissions at 206-263-9651 or via email at

WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee

The WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee is responsible for reviewing, ranking, and making recommendations for funding through the WaterWorks competitive grant program. WaterWorks funds projects that improve water quality in the King County

Wastewater Treatment Division Service Area

Nearly $2 million are awarded every two years for a variety of projects, including green stormwater infrastructure (rain gardens and cisterns), education and community engagement, research and monitoring, and stream and river bank restoration.

The Committee has 13 members--9 Council district representatives nominated by King County Councilmembers; 3 representatives for MWPAAC (Metropolitan Water Pollution Advisory Committee) nominated by MWPAAC and the King County Executive; and 1 water quality technical specialist nominated by the King County Executive. Members serve 3 year terms with a 2 term limit.

There are currently five positions open. Please contact Elizabeth Loudon, WaterWorks Grant Manager, for more information (, 206-477-4297), or work directly with the Councilmember offices. To apply,

If interested in seeking an appointment, please click on the following hyperlink for the application.  For these positions candidates must be nominated by the Councilmember. To find out what district you live in or see the district map,

visit this page

Council District 2 Position; contact Councilmember Zahilay’s office at 206-477-1002.

Council District 7 Position; contact Councilmember von Reichbauer’s office at 206-477-1007.

Council District 8 Position; contact Councilmember McDermott’s office at 206-477-1008.

Council District 9 Position; contact Councilmember Dunn’s office at 206-477-1009.

Terms are 3 years; committee members attend 5-7 meetings/year in the grant review year (odd years) and 1-2 meetings in the off years (even years). Members are expected to read several hundred pages of application materials per grant cycle. Members must have:

Experience or interest in water quality issues, Live in the WTD Service Area      Experience or interest in grants, contracts, Ability to evaluate proposals using criteria, Ability to work with a committee or group to reach consensus decisions

Learn more about WaterWorks at