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King County Boards and Commissions Currently Recruiting:

King County accepts applications from individuals seeking an appointment to a King County board or commission at any time. To apply for a position on a King County board or commission, individuals must complete a basic application form (PDF).  If appointed to a King County board or commission, newly appointed board members will also be required to complete a King County Board of Ethics financial disclosure form (PDF).

King County seeks to create an inclusive and accessible process for individuals who wish to serve on a King County board or commission.  We strive to ensure that King County boards and commissions are representative of the communities we serve.

Currently recruiting for qualified candidates are the following boards and commissions:

Board for Developmental Disabilities

The King County Department of Community and Human Services is recruiting individuals interested in seeking an appointment to the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities.  The  Board will: share about community resources and events; hold meetings that are welcoming and inclusive; and listen to community concerns. 

To serve on this Board, applicants should be: persons with disabilities; parents of young children with developmental delays or disabilities; or advocates for persons with disabilities. Further, we are committed to ensure that the Board is reflective of the community we serve.

King County residents interested in seeking an appointment to the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities should consider attending a few board meetings to see if this board is a good fit for you. Then, if interested, you can apply for an appointment by clicking on the following link: - If you have questions about the board, please contact Jim Ott at

Health through Housing (HtH) Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will help guide current and future iterations of the HTH initiative. The committee will consist of 12-16 members representing diverse geographic regions and communities across King County, and advise the Executive’s Office and the King County Council on matters impacting the HTH initiative, including:

  • Advising on current and future implementation;
  • Reviewing performance data to assess initiative impact; and
  • Reporting annually to the King County Council and the community at large on the expenditures, accomplishments, and effectiveness of the HtH Initiative.

Committee members must commit to consistent meeting attendance, detailed review of technical documents like reports and implementation plans, and active participation in a subcommittee or working group. 

The Advisory Committee will meet on a quarterly basis beginning Fall 2022 (exact time and location is to be determined, Zoom participation will be available). Committee membership will have initial terms of two to four years (exact length to be determined by King County Executive). 

Anyone can nominate themselves and/or individuals for consideration by completing the nomination form. Nominations will be accepted until August 21, 2022. Nominations submitted after this date will be placed on reserve to fill any future member vacancies. 

Please contact Kim Dean, Health Through Housing Capacity Lead, at or 206.263.0909 

Seattle Ferry Advisory Committee

The Ferry Advisory Committee reports to the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) and reports on problems experienced within the area served by the Washington State Ferries, particularly when the DOT is conducting a review of the tariffs and other ferry service questions.

The committee is comprised of 3 representatives serving four-year terms.

The committee must have at least one person representing an established ferry user group. Each member shall reside in the vicinity of the Colman Dock terminal. Members are frequently asked to represent ferry patrons by serving on Ferry Planning Committees. At the time of appointment, not more than two members shall be from the same political party. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Rick Ybarra, Liaison for Boards & Commissions at 206-263-9651 or via email at

WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee

The WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee is responsible for reviewing, ranking, and making recommendations for funding through the WaterWorks competitive grant program. WaterWorks funds projects that improve water quality in the King County Wastewater Treatment Division Service Area


Over $2 million are awarded every two years projects for a variety of projects through the competitive process, including green stormwater infrastructure (rain gardens and cisterns), education and community engagement, research and monitoring, stormwater retrofits, source control, pollution prevention, and stream and riverbank restoration.


The Committee has 13 members: 9 Council district representatives nominated by King County Councilmembers; 3 representatives for MWPAAC (Metropolitan Water Pollution Advisory Committee) nominated by MWPAAC, and 1 water quality technical specialist.  All 13 positions are appointed by the King County Executive and confirmed by the King County Council. Members serve 3-year terms with a 2-term limit.


There are currently eight positions open. Please contact Elizabeth Loudon, WaterWorks Grant Manager, for more information (, 206-477-4297), or work directly with the Councilmember offices. Priority will be given to applications received by September 10, 2022.


If interested in seeking an appointment, please click on the following hyperlink for the applicationPlease send your completed application to Elizabeth Loudon, WaterWorks Grant Manager, for more information (, 206-477-4297). 


If you are seeking a Council District representative position, please contact your King County Councilmember, as Council District representatives must be nominated by a King County Councilmember. To find out what Council district you live in or to see the district map visit this page


Council District 2 Position; contact Councilmember Zahilay’s office at 206-477-1002.

Council District 3 Position; contact Councilmember Sarah Perry's office at 206-477-1003.

Council District 4 Position; contact Councilmember Jeanne Kohl Welles' office at 206-477-1004

Council District 6 Position; contact Councilmember Claudia Balducci's office at 206-477-1006

Council District 7 Position; contact Councilmember von Reichbauer’s office at 206-477-1007.

Council District 8 Position; contact Councilmember McDermott’s office at 206-477-1008.

Council District 9 Position; contact Councilmember Dunn’s office at 206-477-1009.

If you are seeking the Water Quality Technical Specialist position, send your completed application to Elizabeth Loudon, WaterWorks Grant Manager, (, 206-477-4297). For the Water Quality Technical Specialist position, in addition to the qualification below, candidates must have a science or engineering background, and knowledge of the main water quality issues in local freshwater systems in Puget Sound.

Board Info: Terms are for 3-years; committee members attend around 13 meetings/year in the grant review year (odd years) and 1-2 meetings in the off years (even years). Members are expected to read several hundred pages of application materials per grant cycle. Meetings will be virtual with the possibility of some in person meetings depending on the COVID situation at the time.

Qualifications for all members are: experience or interest in water quality issues; residency in the WTD Service Area; experience or interest in grants or contracts; ability to evaluate proposals using criteria; and the ability to work with a committee to reach consensus decisions.

Learn more about WaterWorks at