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Notice to our users

The King County Benchmark Program is not currently being updated with new data.  The program is being revised to align with the newly updated King County Countywide Planning Policies. Updates of our progress in revising the Benchmark Program will be provided here.

The King County Countywide Planning Policies state: "All jurisdictions shall protect and enhance the natural ecosystems through comprehensive plans and policies, and develop regulations that reflect natural constraints and protect sensitive features. Land use and development shall be regulated in a manner which respects fish and wildlife habitat in conjunction with natural features and functions, including air and water quality."

The Benchmark Program tracks the following outcomes of the Countywide Planning Policies related to environmental well-being:

  • Protect and enhance natural ecosystems
  • Improve air quality
  • Protect water quality and quantity
  • Protect diversity of plants and wildlife
  • Increase salmon stock
  • Decrease waste disposal and increase recycling

Explore the indicators of environmental health by selection from the navigation bar to your left.

Diagram of outcomes and indicators in the Environment policy area

Land cover changes over time Changes in air quality Energy consumption Vehicle miles traveled Surface water quality Water consumption Pounds of waste disposed and recycled per capita Change in the number of salmon Continuity of terrestrial and aquatic habitat networks Ground water quality and quantity