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Notice to our users

The King County Benchmark Program is not currently being updated with new data.  The program is being revised to align with the newly updated King County Countywide Planning Policies. Updates of our progress in revising the Benchmark Program will be provided here.

The King County Countywide Planning Policies state: "The land use pattern for the County shall protect the natural environment by reducing the consumption of land and concentrating development."

The Benchmark Program tracks the following outcomes of the Countywide Planning Policies related to land use practices in King County:

  • Encourage greater share of growth urban areas and urban centers; limit growth in rural and resource areas
  • Make efficient use of urban land
  • Accommodate residential and job growth in urban areas
  • Encourage livable, diverse communities
  • Balance job and household growth
  • Maintain the quality and quantity of natural resource land

Explore the indicators of how land use policies are shaping King County by selecting from the navigation bar to your left.

Diagram of outcomes and indicators within the Land Use policy area

Percent of new housing in urban and rural areas Employment in urban and rural areas Percent of new housing built through redevelopment Ratio of land consumption to population growth Trend in achieved density of residential development Remaining land capacity vs. housing and job targets Acres of parks and open space in urban King County Acres in forest land Acres of farm land and the number and average size of farms Ratio of jobs to housing in King and surrounding counties