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Notice to our users

The King County Benchmark Program is not currently being updated with new data.  The program is being revised to align with the newly updated King County Countywide Planning Policies. Updates of our progress in revising the Benchmark Program will be provided here.

The King County Countywide Planning Policies state: "In order to limit sprawl, create the desired urban form, and provide some measure of predictability for landowners and developers, the region's scarce resources for transportation capacity improvements must be used prudently to focus on areas where zoning and densities support a multimodal transportation system."

The Benchmark Program tracks the following outcomes of the Countywide Planning Policies related to transportation:

  • Improve connection between residences, commercial centers, and workplace locations
  • Increase use of alternative modes of transportation other than single-occupancy vehicles
  • Improve effective and efficient transport of goods and services
  • Protect and improve transportation infrastructure

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Diagram of outcomes and indicators in the Transportation policy area

Amount of congestion affecting commercial and non-commercial traffic Percent of residents who walk, use transit, bicycle, or carpool as alternatives to the single occupancy venicle Public transit ridership Average commute lengths for major destinations in King County Number of lane miles in need of repair