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Get certified as a Small Contractor and Supplier (SCS) and increase the competitiveness of your firm as a contractor, consultant or supplier for King County contracts.

Program Overview

To create opportunities for King County and its contractors to make use of certified Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS) firms on county contracts and increase the competitiveness of these firms as:
  • Prime Contractors and Subcontractors;
  • Consultants; and
  • Suppliers

The program applies to county contracts for:

  • Goods & Services;
  • Consulting Services; and
  • Construction
Improves the effectiveness of certified SCS businesses to compete for King County contracts as contractors, consultants, and suppliers.
  • Goods & Services. Incentive: Fair Market Range to rank SCS for evaluation purposes;
  • Consulting. Incentive: Award of Points for the use of SCS firms;
  • Construction: Participation requirements for SCS firms
  • Personal net worth less than $1.32M (excluding primary residence and equity in the business)
  • 50% of the SBA business size standards
  • Agreement to participate in technical assistance/business development
The Contracting Opportunities Program is a small business development program that requires all participants to complete 15 hours of business training during the first year of enrollment.

Types of training include, but are not limited to:
  • Vendor training
  • Continuing education courses
  • Online business courses
  • Business seminars / Workshops
  • University / Technical Institution classes
  • Business or outreach forums

Certify Your Business

Small businesses who are interested in SCS certification can now apply or recertify online. Go to:

In the online platform, you can complete an application and upload the required financial documents. There are two methods for providing financial information:
  1. CPA Affidavit - you may use your licensed CPA to document each owners' net worth and the business size. CPA Affidavit forms can be downloaded from the Diversity Compliance Management System. (Average review period 10 business days.)


  2. You can provide a personal net worth statement for each owner and the past three years of your company's Federal Income Tax Returns, including all schedules. Personal Net Worth forms can be downloaded form the Diversity Compliance Management System. (Average review period 15-30 business days.)
If you require an alternative submission method for your SCS application, please send an email to:

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Questions about Certification?

or call (206) 477-9734

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Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Right to Privacy

King County, as a government entity, conducts public business and records related to the business of King County are generally available for public review. King County is committed, to the extent allowable by law, to protect and secure personal information contained in King County records. This privacy commitment must be balanced with the rights of public access under chapter 42.56 RCW, Washington Public Records Act, consistent with chapter 2.14 of the King County Code and any other applicable federal, state, and local statute or regulation.

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