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King County purchases nearly $1 million from thousands of sellers through Amazon Business annually.

We want to direct that spending toward small businesses.

Starting in spring 2018, SCS-certified small businesses will be highlighted as "preferred King County sellers" and elevated to the top of our Amazon Business search results.

We'll measure the benefits of this approach through 2018.

Join the Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for volunteers to help us determine if Amazon Business can increase our purchases from certified SCS firms by highlighting these small businesses in our search results. Our goal is that half of our purchases under $10,000 come from small businesses. 

Increased visibility with King County purchasers, and frequent opportunities to provide feedback about your experience.

To highlight your products in our Amazon Business search results, you must apply for King County's Small Contractor and Supplier (SCS) certification and enroll in Amazon Business.

King County's search tools are limited... we need a better way to find your products! Amazon Business will highlight SCS-certified small businesses as "preferred King County sellers" and elevate your products to the top of our search results.

King County is committed to buying from SCS-certified small businesses. Our agencies can use their discretion to support small businesses when making purchases under $10,000 (even if yours isn't the lowest price). 

We'll evaluate the data we collect in September of 2018 to determine the benefits for small businesses. 

No. However, we'd like to learn how the fee structure impacts your business.

No. Participation in the pilot is not required to do business with King County. If you'd like to do business with King County, please register as a vendor and sign up for email notifications of upcoming contracting opportunities. To maximize your opportunities, you can also certify your small business. (These are two separate applications.)



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