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A Subcontracting/Apprenticeship Opportunities Analysis Worksheet is required for all publicly advertised solicitations. Below are basic instructions for completing this service request. Click here for a more detailed guide to this worksheet.

When completing this form you will identify the following elements:

Scope of Work – a break-out listing of the Work Disciplines/Divisions of Work/Tasks/Sub, Supplier Opportunities, etc. that will be performed under this contract. The task objective for this list is to identify project specific work items that may be subcontracted. For example, if you list the general CSI division for a construction contract Division 3 – Concrete, then also provide the breakout work to be performed on this contract (see examples) below:

  • Construction: break out each work package to be performed on the contract. E.g. Concrete => Cast in place concrete => forming of new building foundation
  • Engineering Services: Landscape Architecture, Surveying, Modeling, Scheduling/estimating etc.
  • Technical Services: Software Design, Development, Implementation, Training etc.
  • Goods and Services: List commodity or service(s) to be procured.

Work Performed by: select the role most likely to be to be used for the work item:

  • Prime: Select Prime work items that are most likely to be performed by the awarded contractor.
  • Subcontractor: Breakout larger work items when feasible. Items identified as subcontracting elements will be included in the advertisement for this contract. Identify these work items by selecting Subcontractor or Subconsultant.
  • Prime or Sub: Select when it is unknown or may be determined by the type of firm who wins the contract.
  • Supplier: For larger equipment or supply items included in this contract, list the item and cost as an independent Work Item.

Estimated Dollars:

  • Indicate the approximate cost for each work item / discipline.


Labor Hours:

  • For each work item / discipline indicate the number of estimated hours to perform the work.
  • Both estimated dollars and hours for each work item should be available once an engineer’s estimate is complete.
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