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Public Health - Seattle & King County provides a wide variety of regional services that protect and promote the health of all 1.8 million citizens of King County, as well as the hundreds of thousands of workers and tourists who enter the County each day. The objective of the Public Health Operational Master Plan (PHOMP) is to develop a sustainable operational and financing model for the provision of these essential public health services.

The PHOMP will assure that funding challenges that have and will continue to face Public Health for the foreseeable future can be met strategically and rationally. The funding challenges arise from a combination of limited or declining federal and state revenues, increasing costs of existing public health services, and increasing public health needs/mandates. Increasing public health needs and mandates arise from changes in our County's demographics, emergent diseases and concerns such as pandemic flu, West Nile virus, and terrorism, and an increasing number of people who completely lack health insurance.

The Public Health Operational Master Plan will result in a broad policy framework as well as funding and implementation strategies that will ensure that public health services continue to respond to changing conditions in King County. The PHOMP is a collaborative process with the King County Council, the King County Board of Health, and the King County Executive.

Services provided by Public Health - Seattle & King County include restaurant and drinking water inspections, hazardous waste disposal, communicable disease control, immunizations, chronic disease and injury prevention programs, health education and promotion, emergency preparedness, pandemic flu and disaster planning, family planning, maternal and child health programs, and clinical health services for low-income and uninsured residents.

We have hired Milne & Associates to provide independent and expert work in preparation of the Operational Master Plan.