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In November 1990, Seattle voters approved a groundbreaking initiative for the future of the city’s children. The Families and Education Levy, which provided support to children and their families both in and out of school, was designed to help all Seattle’s children become school ready, succeed academically, and graduate from high school.

The Families and Education Levy programs proved so effective, in schools and communities throughout Seattle, that voters renewed the levy in 1997. The $69 million, seven-year levy supported programs in five areas, contributing to the success of children around the city. It is this levy that primarily funds school based health centers. In 2011, voters approved a new seven-year levy.

2011 Families and Education Levy Overview

  • Goal of 2011 Families and Education Levy: To prepare all children to graduate from school college / career ready.
  • Also retains current 2004 Levy outcomes:
    • Readiness for school
    • Academic achievement and reduction of the academic achievement gap
    • Graduation from high school
  • 2011 Levy took lessons from 2004 Levy by proposing integrated funding from early learning through elementary, middle and high school allowing for investments that are adjusted for the needs and characteristics of individual schools and their students.

Learn more about the levy from the City of Seattle's Office of Education website.