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You can learn more about asthma by watching these asthma education video modules. They share how you can manage asthma and prevent it from getting worse. Each video module is 5-10 minutes long.

Module 1
Asthma basics

Learn what asthma is, what effective control of asthma looks like, the difference between controller and reliever medicines and the importance of flu shots.

Module 2
Asthma medicines

Learn the two types of inhaled asthma medicines: controller and rescue, or reliever medicines.

We'll also cover the importance of taking medicines as prescribed, and ways to talk to your provider about your asthma medicines.

Module 3
Using inhalers

Learn how to use different types of inhalers, what a spacer is and how to take care of your inhalers.

Module 4
Asthma Action Plan

Learn the importance of having an Asthma Action Plan and how to use it.

Module 5
Asthma warning signs and what to do

Learn early and late warning signs for an asthma attack, what to do and how colds can affect asthma.

Module 6
Asthma triggers – allergic

Learn how to describe what an allergic asthma trigger is. It covers dust mites, pets, cockroaches, rodents and mold.

Module 7
Asthma triggers –

Learn how to describe what a non-allergic asthma trigger is. It covers exercise, colds, irritants like tobacco smoke and chemicals and other environmental conditions.

Module 8
Indoor air quality

Learn about indoor air issues that affect asthma, products found in the Safer Cleaning Kit, cleaning techniques, and how to create a safe sleep zone.

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Module 9
Outdoor air quality

Learn how to reduce pollen exposure, different types of air pollution, and how to be prepared for wildfire smoke.

Module 10
Breathing exercises

Learn how breathing exercises can be an important addition to helping with your asthma, different types breathing exercises and how and when to use breathing exercises.

For more information, see breathing exercises webpage.

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