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Congratulations on acquiring an AED. If you have not yet obtained Medical Direction for the use of your device, you may request it from the Seattle or King County Medical Director, or a licensed physician of your choice.

The next step is to register your AED with King County EMS, completing the form below. When your device is registered, 911 dispatchers can direct callers to the nearest AED in an emergency.

If you have multiple devices, or are making updates or revisions to a currently registered AED, contact Laura Miccile, CPR/PAD Program Manager at 206-477-8664 or, or you may complete and return the Supplemental AED registration form (in Microsoft Excel).

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AED information

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King County EMS provides registry information to Pulse Point, a mobile app that alerts users to sudden cardiac arrests in their vicinity and enhances the ability to locate registered AEDs in an emergency.

Check here if you do not want your registered AED listed in the Pulse Point app.

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