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Public Health – Seattle & King County provides services and community information in multiple languages both online and at our Public Health Centers. This section of our website is an index of all the materials available in each of these languages. Selected languages are based on local demographics in King County and level of frequency of those requesting medical interpreters in our clinics.

About the use of foreign language fonts online and in print

The ability to use fonts that successfully appear on one's screen without the need to download special fonts is based on universally-formatted fonts included in most computer setups called Unicode fonts. Not all foreign language fonts have a Unicode-compatible font and requires a specially formatted font to be installed on your computer. Due to distributor licensing requirements, Public Health - Seattle & King County cannot provide any special foreign language fonts as a separate download if you are unable to view the characters.

Materials organized by language


  • Translation manual and policy: Reaching populations with limited English proficiency
    As part of the King County Equity & Social Justice Initiative, Public Health - Seattle & King County has created a translation system to make the translation process more efficient, facilitate a greater number of translations, and produce translations that are of consistent high quality.

  • TIP: If you are using a PC, you can use internal settings to make some East Asian and right-to-left characters to appear onscreen. Go to Start, Control Panel then double-click on "Regional and Language Options". In the Languages tab, check both boxes for "Supplemental language support" to install files that support these languages then press OK. Close your browser then restart and some Asian characters should appear when formatted as such.

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