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Services offered by the Public Health Nurses are confidential and free of charge to all clients. Women and men of all ages, including teens, are welcome to consult with the Public Health Nurse for the services offered.

Client services include:

  • Urine pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling

  • Prenatal vitamins for eligible women

  • Emergency contraception ("the morning after pill")

  • Counseling on all birth control methods

  • Oral birth control pills

  • Male and Female condoms (including non-latex)

  • Reproductive health education

  • Counseling on STDs and prevention
  • Maternity Support Services: support and education during and after your pregnancy (including help to connect you/your children to your local WIC program)

  • Help making appointments

  • Linkage and referral to health navigators to help you sign up for medical insurance

  • Linkage and referral to other services/resources including: family planning services, sexual and reproductive health services for women and men, maternity support services/WIC, pregnancy counseling and support services, maternal care providers (prenatal and other pregnancy option providers), vision and dental services, services for victims of domestic violence, drug and alcohol treatment services, mental health services.

Community outreach:

  • Outreach to men and women receiving Medicaid
  • Outreach to men and women eligible for Medicaid

CSOs with a Public Health Nurse:

Call the Public Health Nurse located in a CSO nearest you for assistance.  Please note: certified medical interpreters are available at all locations.