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Health education and outreach serve as powerful and effective bridges into a community. Public Health's Family Planning health educators share a variety of experiences in helping to build bridges, and they offer expertise in:
  • sexuality education and training
  • community outreach and organization
  • materials development
  • systems development

The Family Planning Health Education Team (FPHET) can be a valuable resource to local community agencies and school districts. FPHET provides the following services:

  • Technical assistance and training for teachers and community-based service providers on topics ranging from: teaching and talking about sexuality; family planning and birth control; unintended pregnancy; adolescent development; and making effective referrals
  • Curriculum review and standards alignment
  • Seasoned leadership in community groups and coalitions that focus on youth asset building and decreasing risk-taking behavior
  • Effective collaboration and partnerships with local agencies

The FPHET has also developed materials that are available for purchase or free downloading:

  • FLASH Curriculum
    A widely used sexual health education curriculum, developed by Public Health's Family Planning Program.

  • Family communication materials
    FLASH introduction letter and family homework assignments available in multiple languages.