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Provides information, updates, training and advocacy for community based organizations, health care providers, outreach workers, Navigators and anyone who desire to help the most vulnerable. Learn about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Apple Health and Medicaid programs, publicly sponsored programs, King County ORCA Lift program, application process, how to problem solve health care enrollment issues and access to health care services.

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Any community-based agency, governmental agency, hospitals, outreach agency or individual who want to collaborate with community partners and learn more about publicly sponsored programs

When and where we meet

First Friday of every month (except July) from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

We are currently holding the forums in a hybrid setting via Zoom using the link below and in person at New Holly Gathering Hall.


  • Ben Huh, Public Health - Seattle & King County, 206-477-7269
  • Carol Allen, Public Health - Seattle & King County, 206-263-8750
  • Willie Allen, Public Health - Seattle & King County, 253-874-7642
  • Jesus Bervis, Neighborcare 206-548-3019

Meeting materials

January 2022 meeting

February 2022 meeting

March 2022 meeting

April 2022 meeting

May 2022 meeting

June 2022 meeting

July 2022 meeting cancelled

August 2022 meeting

September 2022 meeting

October 2022 meeting

November 2022 meeting

December 2022 meeting

January 2021 meeting

February 2021 meeting

March 2021 meeting

April 2021 meeting

May 2021 meeting

June 2021 meeting

July 2021 meeting cancelled

August 2021 meeting

September 2021 meeting

October 12-14, 2021 (2021 Statewide Virtual Navigator In-Service Days presentations)

November 2021 meeting

December 2021 meeting

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Meetings canceled in January, March, July and October