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About Take Charge

Take Charge offers women:

  • An annual gynecological family planning visit that includes a pap smear
  • Office visits directly related to a family planning problem when medically necessary
  • FDA approved prescription birth control methods such as:
    • Birth control pills
    • Birth control patch
    • Birth control vaginal ring
    • Injectable and implantable hormonal contraceptives
    • Diaphragm, cervical cap and cervical sponge
    • Male and female condoms
    • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
    • Spermicides (foam, gel film, suppositories and cream and
    • Emergency contraception
  • Tubal ligation (sterilization)
  • Very limited screening and treatment for STD's under special circumstances
  • Education and supplies for contraceptives, natural family planning, and abstinence

Take Charge offers men:

  • FDA approved over the counter contraceptives including male and female condoms and spermicides
  • One session of contraceptive counseling every 12 months
  • Vasectomy (sterilization)


Find your income and family size on the following chart. If your monthly income is below or near the amount on the following chart, you may be able to get Family Planning Only services.

Number of people in family Family Planning Only
Take Charge income per month
1 $2,706
2 $3,664
3 $4,622
4 $5,570
5 $6,537
6 $7,495

How to apply and get help