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ORCA LIFT cards for college students

Image source: King County Metro Blog.


Getting to and from your college campus can be tough and parking is expensive and hard to find. Now there's a more affordable way to get there with ORCA LIFT. Your ORCA LIFT card provides you with a reduced transit fare on select regional transit systems throughout the Puget Sound area.

If you qualify for ORCA LIFT you'll ride for $1.50 on King County Metro Buses, Sound Transit Buses, the Link Light Rail and more...

Find out about income limits and campus locations where you can enroll in-person:

College students can now apply online!
Submit your application for an ORCA LIFT card and have your card mailed to you.


You may be able to combine ORCA LIFT with your school subsidy and maximize your savings. These programs differ by location, check your school's transportation page for additional information.


  • F1/F2 Visa holders are not eligible for ORCA LIFT.

  • J1 Visa holders must provide documentation from either their fellowship/education program or their employer documenting the amount of income they receive. They must meeting LIFT income limits.

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