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This dashboard is intended to show progress on efforts to achieve the goal of Zero Youth Detention. The dashboard will evolve over time with more measures and information so your input is important. Help improve the next release of the dashboard by submitting your feedback to or use our online form.

Navigate through the dashboard using the Table of Contents to go to different sections, or click through the tabs below. On most tabs, there is a button to take you to the next page of the dashboard and a button in the bottom right to take you back to the Table of Contents.

Dashboard updated November 17, 2022

This update shows new detention data for 2022 through September 30th. Data for 2020 and 2021 is likely impacted by COVID-19.

What's new?

All quarterly detention data has been updated. Additionally, the latest population numbers have been displayed, and when looking at rates, we are now displaying them for 12-17 years old.

Please see the ZYD blog or follow us on Twitter @KingCountyZYD for additional information.