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Strategic Information Technology Plan:

A report that provides a 4 year vision and coordination of information technology management and investment across the County.

Status: The Strategic Information Technology Plan 2020-2023 is a guide, roadmap and specific direction for three key goals, related outcomes, and supporting priority areas to deliver quality services to employees and the residents we serve.


Technology Business Plan:

An annual plan for the next year's technology proposed projects; intended to align with individual agency's business plans and budget requests and the countywide standards and policies and direction as set forth in the strategic information technology plan. A proposed version is transmitted to the County Council with the Executive's proposed budget. The final version incorporates final County Council decisions.


Annual Technology Report:

A report of the status of technology projects as of the end of the prior year.  The Annual Technology Report was not published between 2011 and 2016.


Contact information:

IT Governance Manager: Zlata Kauzlaric,