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PREA was established in 2003 to address the problem of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of persons in the custody of U.S. correctional agencies. Major provisions of PREA include the development of standards for detection, prevention, reduction and punishment of prison rape. The Act applies to all public and private institutions that house adult or juvenile offenders and is also relevant to community-based agencies. DAJD has adopted a zero tolerance on issues pertaining to sexual abuse and sexual harassment involving inmates and is working continuously to implement new policies, training requirements for staff and inmates, and developing standards for detection, prevention, reduction and punishment of prison rape.

How to report a PREA incident:
  • Any third parties or staff can submit a report on behalf of the victim
  • Reports may be submitted verbally or in writing
  • Call the King County Ombudsman at 206-477-1051 or by email:
  • Notify any jail staff member - they are required to relay your allegation
  • Fill out kite to classification
  • Report incident directly to police or attorney
  • For services, you may contact King County Sexual Assault Resource Center's 24-hour resource line at 888-99-VOICE (86423).

Recent PREA Reports

Work Release - 2019

  • King County’s Work Education Release (WER) facility was again certified in 2019.
  • The WER facility passed with no (0) corrective actions required.

Youth Services Center - 2019

  • Every PRE allegation is investigated; there have been no (0) substantiated incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment at the Youth Services Center (YSC) in the past eight years.
  • YSC has already adopted many elective best practices recommended by the PREA Resource Center, namely, single bunking and introducing a therapeutic model emphasizing rehabilitation.
  • We met 41 of 42 PREA requirements for the YSC.
  • The PREA standard that was not met was a newly effective standard pertaining to staffing ratio, for which YSC had not previously been assessed.
  • While YSC meets the staffing ratio recommended by PREA most of the time, we have been unable to maintain that staffing level at all times.
  • DAJD is increasing staffing levels through a variety of new recruitment efforts and the Executive has put a request in his upcoming supplemental budget for additional staff.
  • DAJD has applied for two grants from the PREA Resource Center in order to obtain technical assistance to ensure successes in the new facility.

Adult Divisions - 2020

  • King County’s two adult facilities were both certified in 2020.
  • Improvements recommended during this audit were proactively applied.

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