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A boundary line adjustment (BLA), also known as a lot line adjustment, accommodates a transfer of land between adjacent separate lots. BLAs do not create additional lots.

A BLA allows legal transfer of ownership and minor relocation of property boundaries or merging lots for any recorded or unrecorded, subdivided parcel. Changes in lot configurations may also be allowed provided the building site remains within the original parent parcel. See also Affidavit of Correction and Subdivisions.

BLAs are administered by the Department of Local Services, Permitting Division (Permitting). See legal authority Chapter 19A.28 (minor adjustments) of the King County Code. Contact us at customer service 206-296-6600 or email for questions.

What activities require a boundary line adjustment?

Includes activities to correct property line or setback encroachments, to create better lot design, or to improve access without creating substandard lots or setbacks.

See the current fee schedule for an estimate.

Where can I get an application?

What is the timeline for processing a boundary line adjustment?

Decision type 1: 90 days.

Schedule a land use inspection
  • Schedule a land use inspection or if you have questions, call 206-296-6600
Keep final plans and permits displayed on-site!

Approved building and land use permits must be displayed prominently on construction and development sites.

Maintaining these records on-site is the responsibility of the applicant and/or contractor.

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