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Permitting services are available online via this website and For details and information about our new location and office hours, see our Customer Service Bulletin.

What affects the timeline?

The timeline for screening and review varies significantly based on several factors including:

  • Type of permit application
  • The completeness and quality of the application materials submittal
  • The quantity and type of reviews required
  • The applicant's response time to requests for information
  • The quantity of other applications received

Current estimated timelines:

The estimated review timelines for the most common types of permit applications:

The timeline estimates for the permit types listed above display the timeline for each of the following four stages of processing:

  1. Application screening for acceptance: The length of the wait time for the initial screening depends on the quantity of other applications received by the County. Applicants will not hear from the County during the waiting period.

  2. Applicant completing application: If a submittal is incomplete the applicant will be sent a list of the items that are needed. When an application is ready to accept, the County will send an invoice for the application fees. When the invoice is paid, the application will be entered in the queue(s) for review.

  3. Application waiting in queue for review to begin: The length of the wait time depends on the quantity of applications received and accepted for review. Applicants will not hear from the County during the waiting period.

  4. Application in review and/or applicant making corrections: Depending on the type of permit application, the County may visit the proposed development site or contact the applicant with questions during review. The initial review of an application concludes with either its approval or formal request by the County for corrections to the application materials.

Check your permit status:

Applicants may check the status of their applications at the County's permitting portal.