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Subarea planning is underway

Subarea planning is underway for the Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County Community Service Area. We are coordinating internally with other King County agencies, reviewing existing planning documents for this area, creating a work plan, and starting to plan a public kickoff meeting for this fall.

King County Local Services will deliver a draft plan to the King County Council in June 2023 for adoption by December 2023. The plan’s development will be consistent with changes to King County’s Community Service Area subarea planning program that were adopted by the King County Council in July 2020.

Thanks for your input so far!

The council directed the county to develop the plan together with the community, so we are using an interactive website to engage and collaborate with residents and businesses in the area. We’ve received more than 500 comments over the past year, many covering several ideas and topics. We’re using this input to help inform our Community Needs List for near-term project and programs, as well as the more long-term subarea plan development. The site also has a link to an interactive online map for collecting input to help inform the plan.

Specific policies for this subarea are already included in the King County Comprehensive Plan, and also in the Fall City Subarea Plan. The Comprehensive Plan also includes some specific direction on the scope of work for the Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County Community Service Area Subarea Plan, including the Snoqualmie Pass town and ski area and Snoqualmie Interchange (see pages 11-5 – 11-6 of the King County Comprehensive Plan).


Jesse Reynolds
Subarea Planner
Permitting Division
King County Local Services


Map of Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County Community Service Area

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Plan timeline

Executive plan development

  • King County Council adopts changes to subarea planning program.
  • Subarea plan project research begins.
  • Subarea planning begins
  • Final preliminary Community Needs List input received from public
  • Executive transmits proposed Subarea Plan to King County Council
  • Expected King County Council action on Subarea Plan, followed by implementation.