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Request form

Complete the Permitting Research Request form to request records for property in unincorporated King County. Please note:

  • Most records for property located within city limits (Seattle, Bellevue, etc.) require contacting the city (external link) not Permitting. Check jurisdiction of a property to see if it's in unincorporated King County or is inside city limits.

  • Check the types of building permit records and land use permit records maintained by the Permitting Records Center and the approximate historical availability of files. The location of a record depends on its type and date.

  • For older (prior to the 1970s) records, and for property surveys and other property-related files not available at the Permitting office, see other records resources.

How to submit a request for permit records

Use one of the following methods to submit your research request:

  • Bring your completed form with you to the Permitting Records Center or

  • Send the form by e-mail as follows:

    • Complete the fill-in fields and save.
    • Create an e-mail message and attach your completed Research Request Form. Please include your contact information in the body of the email.
    • Send to
  • Call the Permitting Records voicemail request line at 206-296-6696
  • For Public disclosure requests go to Public disclosure requests


Customers can review any file free of charge. For copying services, the standard County rate is charged.