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Graphic banner: Road crews are essential. Please stay back, give crews 6 feet of space.

In his "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order, Governor Jay Inslee listed road maintenance and construction as essential infrastructure activities.

Our road maintenance crews keep roads and bridges in unincorporated King County safe and usable. Delaying their work could cause immediate safety hazards as well as long-term deficiencies in the county’s road and bridge system. Catching up on delayed maintenance work in the future might be difficult or impossible, resulting in degraded road conditions and safety problems.

In fact, delaying even routine maintenance tasks can have serious impacts on safety. Roadside mowing, for example, keeps vegetation from blocking visibility at intersections or driveways. A discarded freezer our crews recently retrieved from a roadside could have posed a danger to curious neighborhood children.

Our crews are following public health guidance while doing their work. They’re avoiding close contact with one another, typically driving one person per vehicle; using gloves as needed; and following enhanced cleaning practices for shared tools, equipment, and vehicles.

We ask the public to please stay clear of crews who are working on roadsides or in their vehicles. It’s important for their safety and yours to observe social distancing and allow at least six feet of distance if you need to speak to a maintenance worker.

Photo: Bridge cleaning.
Road Services bridge crews performing bridge cleaning and maintenance work.
Photo: Mowing.
Road Services maintenance crew member mowing in the right-of-way.
Photo: Snow removal in Skykomish.
Road Services maintenance crews performing snow removal work in Skykomish.

Essential work done by our crews

  • Repairing and maintaining traffic signals and signs

    • A downed stop sign or malfunctioning traffic signal could at best slow traffic and at worst cause traffic collisions

    • A dirty traffic safety sign may not be reflective enough to be visible to travelers at night

  • Maintaining clear, unobstructed sightlines and usable road shoulders

    • Trimming roadside vegetation to maintain clear sightlines and ensure road shoulders are usable for pedestrians or vehicles that need to pull over

    • Removing downed trees or hazardous tree limbs

  • Removing hazards such as items that fall from vehicles or are illegally dumped

  • Repairing or replacing damaged guardrail to prevent run-off-the-road injuries

  • Repairing pavement defects, such as large potholes or cracks in the road surface

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