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Do I need a business license from King County government?

King County issues business licenses for businesses engaged in a regulated activity within unincorporated King County. Unincorporated areas are those outside of any city limits.

King County does not require a general business license. Unless your business is engaged in a regulated activity within unincorporated King County, no King County license is required. However, businesses must be in compliance with zoning code regulations.

Examples of such regulated activities include: amusement parks and places, amusement devices, carnivals, go-cart tracks, video games, pool tables, outdoor and indoor entertainment, dances, adult entertainment establishments, massage and bathhouse businesses, process servers, secondhand dealers, pawnshops, charitable organizations, taxicabs and drivers, pet shops, kennels, grooming businesses, theaters or marijuana.


See business licenses for more information.  Example: Marijuana Business License Application and an example WLCB letter of Approval.

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