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Certain conditions may apply to a specific site or property in unincorporated King County that can affect the property's use or development or affect the permit process.

The following are important considerations before or early in the permit process:

King County Zoning Code Development Conditions

Each property in unincorporated King County has a Zoning Code, such as A-10, F, I-SO, R-1, R-4-P. Zoning Codes with a suffix of -P, -SO, or -DPA indicate development conditions for a specific property. Find out how to check jurisdiction and zoning, and see the Development Conditions Search Engine for more information.

  • P-suffix. A zoning code with a -P suffix indicates a Parcel-specific condition. This property-specific development standards designation means that conditions beyond the minimum requirements of Title 21A of the King County Code (KCC) have been applied to development on the property, including but not limited to increased development standards, limits on permitted uses, or special conditions of approval.
  • SO-suffix. A zoning code with a -SO suffix indicates a Special district Overlay. The purpose of this designation is to carry out the King County Comprehensive Plan and community, subarea or neighborhood plan policies that allow or require alternative uses and development standards that differ from the general provisions of KCC Title 21A. Special district overlays are generally applied to a group of individual properties or entire community, subarea or neighborhood planning areas.
  • DPA-suffix. A zoning code with a -DPA suffix indicates a Demonstration Project Area. Within a designated demonstration project area, approved alternative development regulations may be applied to development applications.


For detailed information on any property-specific development conditions, such as P-suffixes and Special district Overlays (explained at left), that apply to your property, use the Development Conditions Search Engine.