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Teen Court, modeled after Kids’ Court, is a special program designed to help teenage victims of sexual abuse and other crimes and their families to participate positively in the criminal justice system.


Three teen-age girls sitting by a tree byKars4Kids 

Photo by Kars4Kids, courtesy of Creative Commons 

The Teen Court Session

Teen Court is a two-hour activity-based program held several times a year on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the King County Courthouse in Seattle or the Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent, Washington.


  • Engage in interactive activities throughout the session

  • Attend a panel presentation comprised of teens who have already successfully testified in court who share their experience and answer questions about the court process

  • Sit in the jury box while meeting with the prosecutor to learn about courtroom procedures and court personnel

  • Find out what to do if they feel uncomfortable while testifying

  • Overcome feelings of isolation by meeting others in the same situation

  • Learn calming, stress reduction techniques to be used in the participants' every day lives as well as during testifying

  • Become more confident in their role in the court system

  • Learn that telling the truth is the most important rule of the court

  • Realize that adults care about them

Although the participants are facing extraordinary challenges to the    normally challenging teen years, Teen Court strives to give attendees a chance to become as comfortable and self-confident as possible with their involvement in the criminal justice system.


Parent Session

While the teen participants are attending the relaxation class, parents and caretakers are invited to attend a special question and answer session with the prosecutor.  During this time, participants are able to address specific concerns about the trial process and the criminal justice system in general.

For further information about Kids’ or Teen Court, please call: 206-477-1200 or email:

King County Prosecutor
Leesa Manion (she/her)


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