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We regularly post photos, videos, and other interesting items from the Archives collection to Flickr and Pinterest (external links) on various themes, including animals, art, bridges, buildings, business and the Kingdome.


The Lake Washington Ship Canal and the Mills of Salmon Bay

Created in commemoration of the Centennial of the July 4, 1917 opening of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, this exhibit features drawings, photographs, maps, and documents from the King County Archives and the Seattle Municipal Archives, focusing on the saw mills and shingle mills of Salmon Bay that were affected by canal construction.

Responding to AIDS: The Seattle-King County Department of Public Health, 1982-1996

Exhibit and oral history project on Public Health's response to the AIDS epidemic.

The Bridges of King County: 1931-1934: Through the Lens of P. T. Blum
Films of King County Assessor Roy B. Misener documenting the WPA Land Use Survey Project, 1936-1940

A History of the King County Women's Program 1978-1985 highlights the records of the King County Women's Program, including correspondence, graphics, and photographs. The exhibit begins with a timeline placing the program in the context of the women's movement.

The Inter-County River Improvement Commission and the White River, 1913-1948:  Documents, photos, and maps from the Archives illustrate the history of King and Pierce Counties' first joint efforts to manage the flood-prone waterways along their shared border, transforming the land and shaping its development.
Earthworks: Land Reclamation as Sculpture: reconstructing, through photographs, recordings, videos, and textual records in the King County Archives, the events and activities of the1979 design symposium and the earthworks that grew out of it.
Green River floods, 1959
Green River Flood of November 1959: exhibit created in 2009 in response to threats of widespread flooding of the Green River.
At Home in King County
At Home in King County: in honor of Washington State Archives Month 2008 theme "At Home In the Archives"
Waters of King County: in honor of the Washington State Archives Month 2007 theme Waters of Washington.

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