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The Bridges of King County Through the Lens of T. P. Blum: 1931 - 1934

Concrete Slab

Reinforced concrete slab bridges were and are popular for their relatively low cost, simplicity, and durability.

4 miles W of Black Diamond on HH Howard Road, June 28, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 969B. Section 18, Township 21N, Range 6E.)


1 mile W of O’Brien on Frank McLellan Road, June 23, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 22B. Section 11, Township 22N, Range 4E.)


O’Brien West Valley Road, June 23, 1932 (Series 474. Bridge Number 1851D. Section 11, Township 22N, Range 4E.))


Kanaskat Highway Bridge, SE 416th St at 274th Ave SE, N of Enumclaw, W of Birch: Newaukum Creek, June 25, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 3043. Sections 12 and 13, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


SE 416th St and 276th Ave SE, N of Enumclaw: Newaukum Creek, June 25, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 3042. Section 18, Township 20N, Range 7E.)

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