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The Bridges of King County Through the Lens of T. P. Blum: 1931 - 1934

1.5 miles southeast of North Bend, .75 miles S of Mount Si Trail off Sunset Highway, July 24, 1933. (Series 474, Bridge Number 1649A. Section 15, Township 23N, Range 8E.)


2 miles northwest of Enumclaw over a drainage ditch, June 25, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 370B. Section 15, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


North boundary of Issaquah, 100 ft. west of the Northern Pacific Railway: N Fork Issaquah Creek, July 22, 1932 (Series 474, Bridge Number 533A. Section 28, Township 24N, Range 6E.)


.25 miles northeast of Enumclaw, .5 miles east of the mill, June 25, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 413C. Section 24, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


4 miles northwest of Enumclaw on JW Jones Road, April 3, 1933. (Series 474, Bridge Number 419A. Section 5, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


1 mile north of Issaquah on Beaver Lake Road at foot of Vaughn Hill: N Fork Issaquah Creek, July 26, 1934. (Series 474, Bridge Number 272A. Section 27, Township 24N, Range 6E.)


5 miles northwest of Enumclaw on Chas. Forget Road, June 24, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 386A. Section 7, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


.25 mile south of Enumclaw: Boise Creek, June 24, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 848AA. Section 25, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


Most westerly bridge of 3 on Shore (Beach) Drive NE, Sheridan Beach, Lake Forest Park: McAleer Creek, July 12, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 264z1. Section 10, Township 26N, Range 4E.)


SE 424th Street at 258th Street SE, .25 miles north of Enumclaw: Newaukum Creek, June 25, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 3071. Section 14, Township 20N, Range 6E.)


5 miles NE of Kent, S end of Lake Youngs; Little Soos Creek; April 10, 1933. (Series 474, Bridge Number 1137A. Sections 13 and 14, Township 22N, Range 5E.)

Frame Bridges

Frame bridge is a term that was generally applied to many bridges found throughout the County during Blum's time. These bridges were commonly simple spans made of wood and often supported by trestles or pilings.


Over creek on west bank of Snoqualmie River, .5 miles south of the long trestle west of Duvall, June 15, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 296A. Section 12, Township 26N, Range 6E.)


2 miles northwest of Lake Forest Park, Brookside Avenue: branch of McAleer Creek, July 12, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 264K. Section 3, Township 24N, Range 4E.)


1 mile east of Allentown, east end of Steel Hill overcrossing, June 8, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 234U. Section 11, Township 23N, Range 4E.)


Becker Creek Bridge, 1.25 miles north of [Seattle] city limits on G Erickson Road (Old Bothell Highway): Becker [Thornton] Creek , July 13, 1934. [Near Meadowbrook Golf Course.] (Series 474, Bridge Number 854A. Section 28, Township 26N, Range 4E.)


2 miles southeast of North Bend on Cedar Falls Road, July 24, 1933. (Series 474, Bridge Number 301C. Section 14, Township 23N, Range 8E.)


Kimball Creek Bridge, SE 80th Street (Sloane Street) at 381st Avenue SE, .25 miles west of Snoqualmie: Kimball Creek, July 16, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 1086A. Section 30, Township 24N, Range 8E.)


Boise Creek Bridge, 1 mile southwest of Enumclaw: Boise Creek, June 26, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 206Z. Section 35, Township 20, Range 6E.)


Wells Point Trestle, .5 miles north of Richmond Beach, Wells Point Road near Snohomish County line, Standard Oil Plant, July 22, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 1162A. Section 2, Township 26N, Range 3E.)


1.5 miles northeast of Kennydale of Bartram Station Road Revisions, July 8, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 1542A. Section 34, Township 24N, Range 5E.)


.5 mile north of Kangley and .5 mile southwest of Selleck on PW Sweet Road, April 4, 1933. (Series 474, Bridge Number 922B. Section 26, Township 22N, Range 7E.)

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