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The Bridges of King County Through the Lens of T. P. Blum: 1931 - 1934

Suspension Bridges

A suspension bridge’s rigid deck is hung from vertical suspenders that are attached to a horizontal cable, rope or other material in tension, and then attached between towers in compression. Suspension bridges are particularly suited for spanning long distances.


Tarr Bridge: Snoqualmie River, July 26, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 61F. Section 24, Township 24N, Range 7E.)


Otto Reining Pack [N Fork] Suspension [foot] Bridge, 5 miles NE of North Bend on Hancock/Calligan Trail: Snoqualmie River, July 25, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 122O. Section 3, Township 24N, Range 8E.)

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