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The Bridges of King County Through the Lens of T. P. Blum: 1931 - 1934


The trestle bridge has an open, cross -braced, rigid framework that is used to support the spans of the elevated structure. Each supporting frame is referred to as a bent. Many timber trestles were built in the 19th and early 20th C. for the railroad and are still in use today.


2 miles N of Duvall on road to Monroe, July 15, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 1297F, Section 6, Township 26N, Range 7E.)


Sikes Lake Trestle, 3 miles N of Carnation on 284th Ave NE: Sikes Lake, July 12, 1932 (Series 474, Bridge Number 2133A. Section 6, Township 25N, Range 7E.)


1 mile S of Duvall just N of Novelty on Jas. Mackay Road: Road 783, July 21, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 968B. Section 18, Township 21N, Range 6E.)


Blythe Bridge at Wayne: Sammamish River (Squak Slough), June 30, 1933. (Series 474, Bridge Number 721A. Section 7, Township 26N, Range 6E.)


3 miles NE of Duvall: Cherry Creek, July 15, 1932. (Series 474, Bridge Number 267Y. Sections 4 and 5, Township 26N, Range 7E.)


Renton Air Port Bridge at Bryn Mawr, 1 mile N of Renton, W shore of Lake Washington, June 8, 1932. [Black River Bridge] (Series 474, Bridge Number 32A. Section 7, Township 23N, Range 5E.)

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