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References and Resources

King County Archives holdings relating to HIV/AIDS, 1982-1996

Records of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health: Prevention Division / HIV/AIDS Program

Series 458 – Organizations files 1985-1998
Series 459 – Legislative files 1987-1998
Series 460 – Grant files 1985-2000
Series 462 – Project files 1985-1998
Series 463 – Correspondence files 1986-1997
Series 464 – Departmental files 1986-1997
Series 1770 – HIV/AIDS epidemiological report 1983-2009
Series 1825 – History files 1979-2012
Series 1843 – HIV/AIDS epidemiology profile for community planning, 1996-2008
Series 1861 – Subject files 1986-2010

Note: Access to research data is restricted under HIPAA and Washington State privacy laws.

Accession A15-053: Dr. Robert Wood subject/issue files ( -1996); Brief Street Intercept 1992-1994, Seattle HIV/AIDS Planning Council 1998-2002; Wave #11 (Women, Youth, MSM) 1994
Accession A16-029: Research study materials

Records of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health: Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Division

Series 466 – Administrative files 1984-1989
Series 470 – Detoxification Center subject files 1972-1994

Records of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health: Director’s Office

Series 10 – City/county division files 1973-1986
Series 11 – Clipping and press release files 1965-1986
Series 443 – Administrative files: Bud Nicola 1973-1989
Series 444 – Administrative files: David Lurie 1987-1992

Records of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health: Regional Division

Accession 09-022. Division Director’s issue files 1985-1993

Records of the King County Council

Series 305 – Ordinance files 1969-2003
Series 306 – Motion files 1969-2014
Series 997 – Administrative working files: County Council District One / Audrey Gruger 1978-1991

Records of King County Executive Tim Hill

Series 435 – Management work papers 1986-1993
Series 1470 – Agency files 1982-1993

Seattle Municipal Archives holdings

Funding and policy control over the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health (now Public Health Seattle & King County) is shared by King County and the City of Seattle. provides access to historical records of the City’s executive and legislative branches. Records relating to City oversight of and involvement in the local response to HIV/AIDS during the period covered by this exhibit may be found in the records of Seattle Mayor Charles Royer, Seattle Mayor Norm Rice, and the Seattle City Council.
To learn about the history of gay rights in the City of Seattle, see the Seattle Municipal Archives’ digital document library The Gay Rights Movement and the City of Seattle during the 1970s .

The HIV/AIDS Timeline

The AIDS Prevention Project staff maintained a timeline of local and national events relating to HIV and AIDS through the year 2010: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in King County: A Timeline of Significant Events. 

AIDS cases and deaths timeline

1983:7 new cases of AIDS

1984:52 new cases of AIDS
18 deaths

1986:216 new cases of AIDS
56 deaths

1989:252 new cases
189 deaths

1990:328 new cases
237 deaths

1991:353 new cases
321 deaths

1992:371 new cases
316 deaths.

1993:2012 deaths to date

1994:2454 deaths to date

1995:577 new cases
2852 deaths to date

1996:493 new cases
3164 deaths to date

1997:319 new cases
3302 deaths to date

Responding to AIDS

An exhibit and oral history project from the King County Archives.

Content warning: The archival records featured in this exhibit discuss sexual behavior and illegal drug use. Please direct questions or comments to

Copyright King County Archives, Seattle Washington, June 2016.




Please note: This exhibit features historical materials relating to HIV/AIDS. For current health information, please visit Public Health, Seattle & King County - HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention and Education.



Oral histories produced with support from a 2015 4Culture Heritage Projects Grant.