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So that mill owners could be compensated fairly, survey drawings and photographs were created to document the buildings and equipment that would be affected by the higher water level of Salmon Bay. The drawings provide details of the mills' layout and equipment.



Left: The jack screw was used to shift large logs for transport and milling (original drawing dimensions: 15 x 18 inches). Above: cross-sectional drawing of the Sobey mill. Below from top: blueprint of the Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company property. cross-sectional drawings of the Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company, the Canal Lumber Company, and the Bolcom Mill. Series 276, Salmon Bay Waterway Condemnation Survey No. 1255, King County Archives.


The below cross-sectional drawings of mills produced for the 1915 condemnation survey were drawn at a scale of 1 inch to 20 feet. The original drawings range from 18 to almost 30 feet in length.

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