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The King County Archives holds many maps, plans, drawings and other graphical materials as part of its collections. Most of these items were created by county agencies in the course of carrying out functional government responsibilities such as zoning and road establishments.

However, graphical materials can be used for purposes not intended by their creators. Maps such as the examples shown here have been used to document neighborhoods, businesses, railroads and transportation corridors; changes in the environment, styles of building ,and land use; and former King County facilities and structures such as wharves, gravel bunkers, and the Kingdome stadium.

The items on these pages are representative illustrations of graphical materials available at the King County Archives. While many of these materials are not digitized, most are electronically indexed. Access points such as keywords or survey coordinates allow easy retrieval of graphical materials for research use onsite at the Archives. Contact the Archives for assistance in researching graphical materials. Most maps, plans and drawings can be reproduced using conventional or digital technology.

Browse here for some additional examples of maps, plans and drawings in three major topical areas:

Land and environment

Community planning , Donation Land Claims, drainage, erosion control, farmland preservation, land use, plats, river levees, tidelands and shorelands, topography and zoning.

Roads, trails and utilities

Locations or construction details of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, wharves and ferry landings, mainline and logging railroads, and streetcar rights-of-way; hiking, pedestrian and equestrian trails; fire, sewer and water districts; electricity transmission lines, and sewer system maps.

Salmon Bay

Original and reproduction drawings of many former and existing county structures, and a small number of drawings of non-county structures, acquired by county agencies.

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The King County Archives building is currently closed, but our remote customer service hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday.