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During its existence (1959-1972) the King County Planning Department maintained a research section responsible for collecting, maintaining and analyzing various forms of planning data used to create and update the county's Comprehensive Plan. The maps in this series were maintained as an ongoing record of land use in King County.

Base maps, of half- or quarter-sections at a scale of 1" = 100' or 1"= 200', were acquired from various sources. Principal were the commercial Kroll Map Company, for urban areas, and the King County Assessor's Office, for rural areas not mapped by Kroll. Some maps, of more remote areas, were drawn by Planning Department staff.

Most base maps were blueline reproductions. On each map, the location of buildings on their sites was rendered in colored ink outlined in pencil. Some additions to the base maps were made on tracing paper or mylar overlays which accompany the maps. Type of structure, or nature of its usage (for example, type of business) was indicated. Also indicated were types of unbuilt natural environments (for example, woods or fields), and of non-structural land usages (for example, junk yards or agricultural croplands).
The 1626 individual maps have been organized into 22 rolls. The rolls are arranged in two ways. Rolls 1-17 are organized by ascending three-digit Kroll map numbers, which correspond to specific section numbers within townships and ranges (key available in series file). Rolls 18-22 are organized generally by range and then by township.


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