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This series includes photograph prints and negatives of Seattle and King County Health Departments' activities, including documentation of sanitation problems and public health staff at work. Major topics include housing conditions, garbage dumps, the Cedar River watershed, and public health programs. This series is comprised of about 2000 distinct images; many exist as both print and negative.

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90_2_0984 90_2_0844 90_2_3596
Nurse with a family, 1951
(Photo ID: 90.2.0984)    
Garbage truck, 1920
(Photo ID: 90.2.0844    
Tuberculosis X-Ray Bus, 1948
(Photo ID: 90.2.3596)

90_2_1794 90_2_0805 90_2_2970
Hooverville, 1932
(Photo ID: 90.2.1794)
(Photo ID: 90.2.0805)
(Photo ID: 90.2.2970)

90_2_0309 90_2_1213 90_2_2955
Health Department Truck, 1962
(Photo ID: 90.2.0309)
Pike Place Market, 1936
(Photo ID: 90.2.1213)
(Photo ID: 90.2.2955)

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