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What is the TRIP project?

The City of Seattle and King County are working together to implement new technology to simplify and improve taxi, for-hire and transportation network company (TNC) licensing and permitting processes. 

Processes include:

  • For-hire driver’s license, permit and vehicle medallion applications and renewals
  • Application status updates
  • License payments
  • Vehicle and medallion changes
  • Vehicle Inspections

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What is the project timeline?

Project planning began in 2016 and we are launching in phases.  Providing a system that works well and is easy to use is more important to us than how quickly we can begin using it, so we want to spend plenty of time developing and testing it.  The first phase supports medallion-related activities and our staff have been using it since April 2019.  Up next, we will open an online portal for customers to be able to submit medallion transactions online.  After that, we will focus on for-hire driver license transactions, followed by for-hire permit and TNC transactions.


How will the project help drivers, owners, companies, and associations?

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Ability to submit application and documents, make payments and check status anytime with a computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Reduced need to come into city or county offices
  • Quicker response/processing times
  • Simplified application processes
  • Access to licensing history and records


Questions and Answers (Q&As)

Part of our efforts to share information about the project include gathering input from our customers and the public. Here are answers to questions we have received so far.

When the system is first available, we will have meetings with computers and staff available to assist customers with the process. The system will also have some help tips built in to guide users through a process.
You will have the option to submit many documents online, such as registrations and leases. Staff will also be available to assist with submitting documents.  Wherever possible, electronic acknowledgement and certification will replace signature requirements.
There will be an online self-service system with a link to FileLocal to renew or purchase a Seattle business license.  FileLocal is for City business licensing, but not State licensing.
TNC application data can be collected electronically in both single and batch formats.  There are no plans at this time to allow the driver to apply outside of the TNC.
Current information will be available in the new system.  Authorized representatives at a company or association will be able to view all medallions currently associated with their agency.  City of Seattle and King County staff will have access to historical information
TRIP is jointly funded by the City of Seattle and King County to replace many manual processes and "side systems" that are technologically obsolete by creating a modern system critical to both parties' core business.  The new system will ensure compliance with codes intended to protect public safety and consumers and it will be more convenient for customers.
If owners, company or association representatives would like to meet with City of Seattle and King County licensing, please contact us to schedule a meeting.  When desirable, the City and County are willing to coordinate so that both can be represented at an industry meeting.  Elected officials can be contacted directly to request a meeting.
The City of Seattle and King County codes include a "hold" process where medallions can be temporarily deposited with the City to ensure the vehicle is not being dispatched and assists in tracking the time a vehicle is not working in order to stay in compliance with the code limitations.  County only for-hire medallions do not have limitations for how long they can be on hold, though all others are limited to 60 days with one extension of 30 days, for a total of 90 days. 
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