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The project is underway to replace the obsolete King County Electronic Records Management System (KC ERMS) with Content Manager, an enterprise content management system. The project will ensure the migration of all existing KC ERMS content and system users to the Content Manager system with no loss of required functionality and with minimal disruption to system users. Later phases of the project will involve working with agencies to bring new users on board and for deploying additional features of the Content Manager system. 

Check this page for any updates about the project.


For more information, visit our page of Frequently Asked Questions.

Current Status

Final System Configurations
System Testing and Quality Assurance
Training Development

Important Dates

May 10, 2019 - KC ERMS goes read only

Sep 9, 2019 - Training available for Records Management Leads

Sep 23, 2019 - Training available for all other users

Oct 7, 2019 - Content Manager go live date

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System Benefits

KC ERMS served King County's needs for 11 years, but is now obsolete and no longer supported by the vendor. Content Manager will continue to perform the same important functions of KC ERMS, and also offer many improvements and benefits.


  • all users can create their own folders
  • system allows up to 3 layers of subfolders
  • online training will be provided, allowing users to take training at their convenience


  • users can fix more errors themselves
  • users can easily view a history of everything that has happened to a record
  • reporting will be improved and easier to interpret


  • interface similar to common applications, like Microsoft Office products
  • fully supported
  • system provides accurate search results
  • reviewing search results and opening/exporting records is much quicker


Future Improvements

In later phases of the project, additional features of Content Manager will be made available to King County agencies.

  • SharePoint integration - file directly from SharePoint
  • Document management functionality - use the system to manage and collaborate on active records by using check-in/check-out and version control features
  • Web drawer - use the system to publish certain records directly to the web

Looking for Records?

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Vital Statistics - birth and death records
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