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King County Electronic Records Management System (KC ERMS) was managed by the Records Management Program. The system was a tool to manage the county’s electronic and physical public records, protect and preserve archival records, and reduce costs associated with storage, public disclosure requests, and discovery. Per Executive Policy INF 15-4 (AEP), KC ERMS is the county's official repository for inactive electronic records.

All county agencies had access to the physical records module of KC ERMS to send and retrieve boxes to offsite storage. Only certain county agencies had access to the electronic records module of KC ERMS.

KC ERMS switched to read-only status on May 10, 2019

Features in the system are extremely limited until it is replaced by Content Manager on October 7, 2019. Until that time, no new records (including boxes) can be added to the system.

Review guidance for accessing records during the read-only period.

During the read-only period, access KC ERMS via the web at http://kcerms/kcerms/.


Looking for Records?

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