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RM_Hex_Icons_CalendarRecords retention schedules list types of records held by agencies and the required length of time those records must be retained.  The documents also describe whether records are classified as essential and whether they have archival value.

The records retention schedules are developed by the Records Management Program and approved by the Public Records Committee.

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General Records Retention Schedule

The General Records Retention Schedule is applicable to all county agencies. It provides guidance on the retention of records common to most county agencies.

General Records Retention Schedule, Version 3
approved July 18, 2017


Agency-Specific Records Retention Schedules

The agency-specific records retention schedules are developed for individual agencies in King County. They provide guidance on all known records kept by that agency. They may include records that are unique to that agency as well as records that appear on the General Records Retention Schedule (above). The following agency specific records retention schedules can only be used by the agency listed on the schedule.

Note that this page only includes retention schedules that have been approved to date and is not complete for all King County agencies.  Please contact the Records Management Program if you are interested in developing a retention schedule for a King County agency that is not listed on this page. 

Version 1, 12/28/2018

Version 1, 12/28/2018

Commercial Business Property Division - Residential
Version 1, 12/28/2018

Version 1, 12/28/2018

Information Technology
Version 1, 12/28/2018

Public Information and Appeals
Version 1, 12/28/2018

Director's Office
Version 2, 2/1/2018

Human Resources
Version 2, 9/26/2018

Parks and Recreation Division - Business Development
Version 2, 10/3/2017

Parks and Recreation Division - Capital Planning and Land Management
Version 1, 7/26/2017

Parks and Recreation Division - Capital Project Management
Version 1, 3/30/2018

Parks and Recreation Division - Director's Office
Version 1, 4/10/2017

Parks and Recreation Division - Finance and Administration
Version 2, 10/5/2017

Parks and Recreation Division - Operations
Version 1, 5/26/2020


Solid Waste Division - Director's Office
Version 2, 10/5/2017

Solid Waste Division - Enterprise Services
Version 2, 10/6/2017

Solid Waste Division - Facility Engineering and Science Unit
Version 2, 2/9/2018

Solid Waste Division - Operations
Version 2, 2/1/2018

Solid Waste Division - Recycling and Environmental Services
Version 2, 10/9/2017

Solid Waste Division - Strategy, Communications and Performance
Version 1, 12/28/2018

Water and Land Resources Division - Director's Office
Version 2, 10/9/2017

Water and Land Resources Division - Finance and Administration
Version 2, 10/11/2017

Water and Land Resources Division - Noxious Weeds
Version 1, 12/5/2018

Water and Land Resources Division - Rivers and Floodplain Management Section
Version 1, 10/4/2018

Water and Land Resources Division - Ecological Restoration and Engineering Services Section
Version 1, 8/19/2019

Wastewater Treatment Division - Finance and Administration Section
Version 1, 01/14/2020

Wastewater Treatment Division - Finance and Administration - Capacity Charge Program
Version 2, 10/10/2017

Wastewater Treatment Division - Director's Office 
Version 1, 02/14/2020

Wastewater Treatment Division - Treatment Plants
Version 1, 9/11/2019

Council Administration
Version 2, 2/1/2018

Auditor's Office
Version 2, 9/26/2018

Board of Appeals and Equalization
Version 2, 3/30/2018

Clerk of the Council and Central Staff
Version 3, 9/21/2018

County Council District Offices
Version 2, 11/17/2017

Office of Law Enforcement Oversight
Version 2, 4/30/2020

King County Ferry District
Version 2, 10/31/2017

Note: as of 2015, the King County Ferry District does not exist anymore and functions have been taken over by the DOT-Marine Division.  However historical files of the Ferry District as described by this retention schedule are maintained by staff of the King County Council - Clerk of the Council and Central Staff. 

Business Analysis Service 
Version 2, 2/22/2018

Business and Finance Support
Version 2, 9/26/2018

Chief Information Officer
Version 2, 2/28/2018

Equity and Social Justice
Version 2, 2/28/2018

Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network
Version 1, 2/12/2015

Communications and Marketing
Version 1, 2/19/2015

Deputy Chief Information Officer
Version 1, 12/12/2014

Enterprise Business Continuity
Version 1, 12/4/2014

Version 1, 2/26/2015

Human Resources
Version 1, 3/19/2015

Information Assurance
Version 1, 1/6/2015

IT Governance
Version 1, 12/24/2014

IT Service Delivery Managers
Version 1, 9/14/2015

Project Manager Office
Version 1, 3/12/2015

IT Data Center
Version 1, 11/4/2015

IT Service Center
Version 1, 2/25/2015

Technical Products
Version 1, 12/28/2015

Office of Cable Communications
Version 1, 3/5/2015

Network Services
Version 1, 7/21/2015

Radio Communication Services
Version 1, 3/12/2015

Strategy and Architecture
Version 1, 1/29/2015

Washington State Records Retention Schedules

The legal authority for disposing of King County's public records is based on Local Government Records Retention Schedules developed by Washington State and approved by the Washington State Local Records Committee. When applicable, you should use King County records retention schedules (above). However if you are looking for a record that is not listed on a King County schedule, you can also review the State Records Retention Schedules (external link).

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