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Records Management Leads are important assets to King County and are key members of the county's Records Management Network. They are liaisons between their workgroup and the King County Records Management Program. They also have access to additional features within Content Manager that support their agency's records management efforts.

To help support Records Management Leads, the Records Management Program develops various resources to help them do their job. These resources are sent out by email and are also available on this page. Records Management Leads are also encouraged to view all trainings and resources available for all users on the Records Management website.

For more information about what a Records Management Lead does, please review the role description. You can review names of all current Records Management Leads on our website.


Date RML Topic  Content Manager Tip
November 2020 (PDF) Reminders for RM Leads and Agency Records Officers Shortcuts for managing physical records:
- "copy record" as a data entry shortcut to "duplicate" similar boxes
- use "tagging" to submit multiple box pick-up requests at once
October 2020 (PDF) Upcoming RML Network Meeting 10/14 Use F7 when searching
September 2020 (PDF) n/a New filing option: Document Queues
August 2020 (PDF) Disposition After Digitization (DAD) Improvements New search form!
July 2020 (PDF) Teleworking and Space Consolidation Resources "Audit" function to see records' history
June 2020 (PDF) Keeping user lists up-to-date Google-like searching with "Any Word"
May 2020 (PDF) Folder cutoff dates Open multiple instances of CM
April 2020 (PDF) Folder creation: should everyone create their own? Browse records in CM

Meetings* (Recordings and Resources)

Date Topics
March 17, 2021
  • News and Updates ("Sync" to file from Teams/SharePoint, New DAD agreement, removing barriers to use Content Manager)
  • What's in your 2020 Annual Report
  • Make an Action Plan: simple steps you can take now to improve records management in your agency based on annual report metrics. Check out the action plans created in our breakout sessions on these topics:
    • Complete Basic Records Management Training
    • Complete Content Manager Training
    • Increase Content Manger Use/Filing
    • Content Manager Folder Clean-up
October 14, 2020
  • updates (telework survey, physical records, Records Center, Archives, Content Manager)
  • demos (Content Manager searching, website)
  • discussion

* Records Management Network meetings are conducted quarterly (or as needed), and are facilitated with Zoom. All county staff with a records management role (Records Management LeadDisposition Authority or Agency Records Officer) are automatically invited. If you are interested in attending, contact your Agency Records Officer to see about assigning you to one of the above records management roles.

Looking for Records?

King County Archives - historical county records
Recorder's Office - recorded documents
Vital Statistics - birth and death records
Find Public Records - various county records
Public Records Program - submit a public disclosure request