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Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) was established in 2010 to serve the needs of residents and animals living in unincorporated King County and several contracting cities. RASKC is an evolution of King County Animal Care and Control (KCACC) which experienced substantial growth and change in 2007 and 2008 as the King County Council adopted a series of ordinances and motions aimed at making the agency a model program.

A Few Notable Components of Our Successful Program

  • Provide a healthy and clean environment for our animals
  • Three structures were added in order to provide dedicated cat adoption space, including a playroom where cats can sunbathe in the window, play with toys or climb on the kitty towers, and space to care for sick or post-surgical cats.

    Improved dog kennel comfort and sanitation, including removal of chain-link enclosures, resurfaced walls and floors of kennels and replaced in-floor heating. The dogs are now relaxing in a more quiet and protective environment.

  • Recruited More Volunteers
  • As the volume of animals overwhelmed the capacity of existing staff at times, RASKC has been fortunate in having a large pool of volunteers to assist in several critical areas leading to healthier and comfortable pets. Nearly 500 active volunteers provide valuable services to the animals, from fostering animals that have special needs or are too young to be adopted to cleaning and spending time with the animals at the adoption centers.

  • Partnering with the Community
  • Partnering with community organizations and non-profit animal care providers is essentials to the RASKC program. RASKC is fortunate to have many great partners who share our commitment to animal welfare. Our valued partners include:

      • FCat
      • Old Dog Haven
      • Pasado's Safe Haven
      • PAWS of Lynnwood
      • Puget Sound Working Cats
      • PurrfectPals of Arlington
      • Seattle Area Feline Rescue
      • Seattle Humane Society
      • South County Cats
      • The Whole Cat and Kaboodle
      • Up2U Dog Rescue of Covington
      • And many breed and specialty rescue groups.
  • Support Veterinary Education
  • RASKC and PIMA Medical Institute, a nationally recognized medical education provider, have partnered to host a veterinary technician training program at our facility. RASKC animals receive specialty medical care including advanced studies such as digital radiographs at no additional cost to the shelter, while students obtain critical practical experience.

  • Prevent unwanted litters by providing a mobile spay/neuter station at free or reduced costs
  • The central prevention strategy to reduce animal intakes at shelters is to prevent unwanted litters. While RASKC veterinarians perform spay/neuter surgeries on our adoptive animals and feral cats, we rely on our non-profit partner, Pasado's Safe Haven, to provide free or reduced cost spay/neuter services to qualified residents. RASKC is proud to host the Mobile Spay Station at our Kent facility and we have spay-neuter events held in the RASKC parking lot each month. The Mobile Spay Station also travels throughout King County (Maple Valley, Enumclaw, Tukwila, and North Bend) supported by RASKC and often another partner, South County Cats.

  • Hired Professional Medical Staff
  • Hired two licensed veterinarians and three licensed veterinary technicians to our clinic at RASKC. They provide intake exams for new shelter animals, treat wounds and illness among the resident pets, and help prevent future unwanted pets by sterilizing all animals adopted from RASKC.

  • Rescue and Re-home feral cats
  • Barn Cats R Us, a RASKC volunteer-run program, re-homes feral cats at no charge to the land owner. Most of our barn cats have been rescued from sites threatened by development, or other outdoor homes where the previous owners have moved or can't keep caring for their outdoor cats. These mousers and ratters provide totally organic rodent control that does not depend on the use of poisons that can harm kids, pets, livestock, and wild animals.

    • New Interlocal Contract is approved with 24 cities
    • RASKC implements HSUS Adopter’s Welcome program
    • The RASKC Pet Adoption Center begins running its first ever dog playgroups
    • $75,000 grant received from the Petco Foundation to go toward new cat condos in the cat adoption building, and professional training help for long-term dogs
    • New partnership established with NEKO cat café in Seattle, which houses cats that are positive for FeLV (Feline Leukemia)
    • $5,000 grant received from Maddie’s Fund to support our FeLV+ adoption cats and our partnership with NEKO
    • Implemented enhanced dog volunteer program
    • New dog meet & greet room
    • Number of volunteers who contributed service: 724
    • RASKC joins the Million Cat Challenge and receives $1,000 grant to improve cat housing
    • New cat colony rooms are created at RASKC’s Pet Adoption Center in Kent and the Eastside Pet Adoption Center in Kirkland
    • RASKC reaches 90% live release rate!
    • Number of volunteers who contributed service: 667
    • Dog kennel renovation
    • RASKC establishes new partnership with Seattle’s first cat café, Seattle Meowtropolitan
    • 13% Euthanasia Rate - Life saving rate has increased from 79% in 2010 to 87% in the last five years.
    • Established partnership with The Whole Cat and Kaboodle
    • RASKC’s first ever Eastside Volunteer Celebration Lunch is held.
    • Number of volunteers who contributed service: 712
    • RASKC receives grant for $100,000 from Petco Foundation to create RASKC’s Eastside Pet Adoption Center (located inside of the Kirkland Petco)
    • RASKC's Eastside Pet Adoption Center opens
    • Room Enhancements for Cats and Dogs
    • Established partnership with Pasados Safe Haven / Mobile Spay & Neuter Services
    • Number of volunteers who contributed service in 2014: 460
    • Hospice for geriatric cats
    • Cat adoption program launches at Covington and Tukwila Petco.
    • Renewed contracts with 25 cities
    • King County Executive, Dow Constantine, officially names Kent shelter facility as the King County Pet Adoption Center.
    • RASKC begins Annual Springtime Foster Volunteer Celebration.
    • RASKC established July 1
    • Adoption building exclusively for cats opens for business
    • Established partnership with PIMA Medical Institute
    • Re-established volunteer program
    • Launched Angel Fund

    Pet Information Line
    206-296-7387 (PETS)

    TTY Relay 711