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Basic Qualifications for All Applicants

  • You need to be a lawful permanent resident or citizen of the United States at the time of application
  • You must have the ability to read, speak, and write the English language fluently; 
  • You must be at least 20 years of age at the time of application; age 21 on the date of hire;
  • You must have a Washington State driver's license, or be able to obtain one by the date of hire; 
  • You must have a high school degree or GED;
  • You must meet KCSO medical standards, as determined by a medical exam following an offer of employment; and 
  • You must be able to pass the background investigation. (We have provided a short self-screening background questionnaire that will help us determine whether you meet some basic background qualifications. This is attached to Deputy Sheriff Job Application and must be filled out as a part of the application package.)
  • See list of disqualifying behaviors at left, click 'disqualifiers'

Additional Qualifications for Lateral Entry Applicants with Previous Experience

  • Experience as a full time commissioned police officer with at least 12 months of active patrol; 
  • Successful completion of probation as a commissioned officer with a city, county or state police or sheriff's department; 
  • Less than a two-year break in service from a former police officer position; and 
  • Academy training that meets or exceeds the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center's standards.

Basic Skills You'll Need To Be a Law Enforcement Officer

  • Am I able to speak clearly and listen to others well? Can I write a report with grammatically correct English?
  • Do I read and comprehend well to learn the laws and procedures of law enforcement in the academy? 
  • Do I have a good memory to recall what I've learned and what I've witnessed in incidents? 
  • Am I able to follow maps and find my way around? 
  • Do I have excellent physical fitness? 
  • Do I have basic computer skills?

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