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Panel Members

The panel consisted of a chairperson and nine members, chosen by the County Council, Executive Sims, and Prosecutor Maleng.  A professional facilitator was hired by the Sheriff’s Office to manage logistics and write the final recommendations.

Randy Revelle (Panel Chair)
Vice President, Washington State Hospital Association

Faith Ireland (Panel Vice-Chair)
Justice, Washington State Supreme Court (retired)

Dave Boerner
Professor, School of Law, Seattle University

Wilson Edward Reed
Professor, College of Arts & Sciences, Seattle University

D. Gene Wilson
McKay Chadwell, PLLC

Michael O’Mahony
Assistant Chief, Seattle Police Department (retired)

Richard K. Smith
Lieutenant, Washington State Patrol (retired)

Tony Anderson
Councilman, City of SeaTac and Lieutenant, Port of Seattle Police

Pat Stell
Advisor, US Secretary of Labor (retired)

Jennifer Shaw
Legislative Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Washington

Staff Support

The panel was supported by a policy consulting firm, Berk & Associates, who provided:
  • Meeting facilitation, including the development of meeting agendas and summaries, research summaries, and materials for discussion;
  • Assistance in decision making by identifying relevant questions, presenting research findings, and focusing the panel on findings and recommendations;
  • Independent, neutral research and information, prepared for presentation to the panel;
  • A concise and clear final report on behalf of the panel; and
  • Facilitation and involvement of the public and media as appropriate.

Additional expertise and support was provided by the Sheriff’s Office Human Resources Manager (Virginia Kirk), as the day-to-day lead contact and coordinator of information and resources available from the office.  Others within and outside the office were consulted who had expertise in police operations and best practices in personnel systems.