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06 Sammaish Deputy Uses AED and CPR to Save 71yoa Woman


Deputy Uses AED and Good Ol' fashion CPR to help save 71yoa Sammamish resident.


Date:  05-06-16                     

Case # C16021179


Sammamish Deputy Uses AED to Help Save 71yoa Woman’s life


Summary-(Sammamish, King County, WA)

A Sammamish PD Deputy sprang into action in the early morning hours of April 27th, 2016 and with the use of his department issued Automated External Defibrillator, and good old fashioned CPR, he helped to save the life of a 71 year old woman that had no pulse and was not breathing.


Story- At 6:17 A.M, on April 27th, 2016, Sammamish PD Deputy, Billy Muncy was dispatched to a disturbance call.  King County Sheriff ‘s 911 Communications had received a call from a Sammamish Woman that was breathing heavily and saying, “Oh my God,” before disconnecting.  When KCSO 911 re-established contact with the woman, they learned that the callers 71yoa sister, was not breathing and that others at the house had started CPR on her.


All Sammamish PD Deputies are issued AED and other life-saving equipment, and are co-dispatched, with Eastside Fire and Rescue, to any potential heart attack calls.   Deputy Muncy arrived ahead of the dispatched fire and medical units, and equipped himself with his City-issued AED.   Deputy Muncy was met at the door by the caller, and led upstairs to the sister who was lying unconscious and unresponsive on the floor.   Deputy Muncy checked the patient’s breathing, and pulse. Finding neither, Deputy Muncy applied his AED to the patient, administered the recommended shock, and then provided CPR for approximately 3 minutes, until relieved by Eastside Fire & Rescue crews.

The victim was successfully stabilized, by the Eastside Fire and Rescue crews, and transported to Swedish Medical in Issaquah.   The victim has since been released, and is doing well.


Events like this show the necessity of team work and having proper tools and training to do take on any emergency Deputies and Firefighters face during their shifts.  Many of the AED carried by KCSO Deputies and our Contract City partners have been purchased with grant money or by the Contract City.  Deputes go through regular training on First Aid, including CPR as well as the use of AED’s.

The great teamwork and use of available equipment by all involved, KCSO 911 communications, Deputy Muncy, and Eastside Fire and Rescue Crews helped successfully save a woman’s life!