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2Juveniles Arrested After Police Standoff in Shoreline


Two juveniles suspected in the theft of a gun from a store in Lynwood as well as multiple robberies in the City of Shoreline have been arrested after a 2.5 hour standoff with police ends peacefully.


Story- On May 11th, 2016, at around 5:49pm, Shoreline Police detectives, acting on tips from the Lynwood PD and the public, were in the 1500 blk of NW Richmond Beach Road, in the Richmond Beach neighborhood of Shoreline.  The detectives were doing surveillance on suspects in the theft of a gun from a gun store in Lynwood that occurred on May 9th.  Additionally, the Shoreline detectives believed that the same suspects in the gun theft were also suspects of 3 robberies that had occurred in the city of Shoreline over the past two weeks.


At 5:56pm, just 7 minutes after the surveillance began, Detectives observed a group of 4 males walking in the area.  Two of the males matched the suspects that they were looking for in the theft and robbery cases.   As the detectives approached the group, three of them ran to a nearby house on 15th Ave NW.  The fourth male did not run and surrendered at the scene.


Detectives were able to quickly confirm that at least one of the suspects lived in the house and that there were no unwilling occupants inside.  Initially, at least one of the suspects stood inside at the front door of the house taunting the police and refusing to come outside.


Because of the violent nature of the crimes the juveniles were suspected of, the detectives surrounded the house and called for the King County Sheriff Tac-30 (SWAT) team as well as the King County Sheriff’s Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT).    Additionally, King County Sheriff 911 communications made several attempts to establish phone contact with the occupants of the house.  During the conversations, they were again able to confirm that nobody other than the 3 juveniles that had run from Detectives were in the house.  The occupants of the house also told KCSO 911 communications that they were not going to come out of the house.


For 2.5 hours, while KCSO TAC-30 members had the house surrounded, Detectives, KCSO HNT, and KCSO 911 continued to negotiate with the occupants to come out and surrender peacefully.  At around 8:26pm, the handwork by all paid off, and all three occupants of the house came out and surrendered peacefully to the TAC-30 team.


After the house was cleared of other occupants by TAC-30 members, and after a search warrant had been obtained, Detectives from Shoreline, King County Major Crimes, and Lynwood began searching the house.  Evidence from the gun theft in Lynwood as well as robberies that had occurred in the Shoreline area was recovered inside the house.


All four individuals, the 1 that did not run, and the 3 that surrendered from the house are juveniles and will not be named at this point.  They are all Black males in their mid teens. Two were turned over to Lynwood PD and two were released to their parents.

The investigation is ongoing and will be handled by Shoreline, KCSO Major Crimes, and Lynwood PD for the various crimes that occurred in their jurisdictions.