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Update on officer involved shooting


(Muckleshoot Reservation) – King County Sheriff John Urquhart has ordered the release of additional information related to what led up to an officer-involved shooting that occurred on the Muckleshoot Reservation on October 21st. Renee Davis, 23, was shot and killed by officers who responded to a report of an armed, suicidal woman with children in the house.


6:37 PM Just before 6:37pm Deputy Pritchett was in his patrol car in a parking lot at the Muckleshoot Pow Wow Grounds in the 17600 block of SE 392 St.  A male that Deputy Pritchett recognized from prior contacts as T.J. Molina, pulled into the parking lot and contacted the deputy.  Molina told Deputy Pritchett, “She’s going crazy again.  I can’t be around her when she is like this.”  Molina was referring to his girlfriend Renee Davis.  Deputy Pritchett was familiar with Davis, knew the two of them were in a dating relationship, and that Davis had small children.

Molina showed Deputy Pritchett a text message he received from Davis at 6:20pm that said, “Well come get the girls or call 911 I’m about to shoot myself.” 

Deputy Pritchett asked Molina whether Davis had access to guns, and Molina said, “yes.”  Molina told Deputy Pritchett that Davis had his 30-30 rifle.

6:37 PM Deputy Pritchett advises on the radio that he received a report of a “suicidal female possibly armed with a rifle and has her two kids with her.”

6:38 PM Deputy Pritchett advises on the radio that “she is texting pictures of fresh injuries, unsure who is injured,” which he was shown by Molina.  Deputy starts driving to Davis’ home.  [The texted photo appears to be a fresh cut to an arm or a leg, but neither man can tell if it is Davis or not.]

6:40 PM Dispatch advises that Aid is in route

6:41 PM Dispatch tells Pritchett the closest deputy to back-up is over 20 minutes away. Dispatch checks with Auburn P.D. to see if they have units available to assist.

6:41 PM Deputy Lewis, who is on his way home from training and in the area, advises on the radio that he will back-up Deputy Pritchett.

6:51 PM Deputies Pritchett and Lewis arrive at the house at 15800 block of SE 382nd Pl.

6:52 PM Deputies approach house on foot. Deputies repeatedly knock and announce, “King County Sheriff’s Office.”   The deputies also yell out to Davis by name to try to get her to answer the door.  There is no response from inside the house.

6:54 PM Deputies advise on the radio that there is no response at the door and they can see the kids wandering around the house but no one else.  At this point, both deputies worry that Davis has taken her own life and are concerned about the children. Deputy Lewis gets the attention of one of the children through a window and asks the child to open the door.

6:56 PM Deputies advise on the radio they are inside the house.  Deputies initially do not see Davis in the house.  Deputy asks the children where she is and they point to a room with the door closed.

Deputies knock repeatedly on the door identifying themselves as the Sheriff’s Office, and call to Davis by name.  No response from inside.  Deputies fear she may have taken her own life. Deputies move the children to the porch where they cannot see inside the room in case Davis had committed suicide.  Deputies enter the room.

Deputies see Davis lying on the bed covered with a blanket.   Both deputies ask her to show her hands.  She does not.   Deputy Pritchett pulls the blanket off Davis and sees she has a handgun in one hand and a gun magazine in the other.

Deputies attempt to back out of the room as they order Davis to put the gun down.  Davis lifts the handgun and points it at deputies.  Both deputies fire their weapons.

6:58 PM Deputy advises on the radio “shots fired.”

6:59 PM Aid car personnel are called into the house.  Davis is pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter.

Deputies examine the magazine and find it fully loaded, however the gun itself, a semi-automatic 9mm, is empty.

The weapon was purchased by Davis on April 1, 2016 at the Federal Way Sportsman’s Warehouse, according to an ATF trace.

Deputy Pritchett is an 8 year veteran of the King County Sheriff’s Office.  He has been assigned to the Muckleshoot Reservation for 7 years.   Prior to the Sheriff’s Office he worked as an EMT.  Deputy Lewis has been a King County Sheriff’s Deputy for 3 years.  Before that he was a United States Marine for 6 years and spent 3 ½ years working U.S. Embassy Security assignments.

Both deputies have attended the state required Crisis Intervention Training (CIT 8 hours) which focuses on dealing with mentally ill persons in crisis.  They have also received bi-annual on-line training in dealing with the mentally ill.

The investigation of this shooting is continuing.  Additional steps include a review by the Prosecutor’s Office for possible criminal charges, an administrative review by the Sheriff's Office for training or policy violations; a Shooting Review Board to see if the shooting followed departmental policy; and an Inquest, held at the request of the King County Executive.