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Option 1: Exportable Offense Report Data (2020- Present)                      

Offense report data in an exportable format, updated daily with internally supervisor-reviewed reports. This data is not official crime statistics, as the reports within the dataset may still be under investigation, and the offense may change over time. Access the data through this link:

For historic offense report data (2019), access through this link:

Option 2: Official Crime Statistics

Since mid 2018, the Sheriff's office has submitted official crime statistics in the NIBRS format to the FBI through the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs (WASPC). Official crime statistics can be found in WASPC's yearly Crime in Washington report here, broken out for Unincorporated King County, the cities that contract for our services, and Muckleshoot Tribe.

Option 3: Search by Area

The Sheriff’s Office report management system sends offense data reports to daily for the company to display the reports on a map. Please access the map using Edge browser. The reports are limited to supervisor-reviewed reports within the last few days – zoom into the report icon on the map to get details.

Option 4: KCSO Contract Cities Crime Statistics/Police Services Reports

The Sheriff's Office provides quarterly and annual reports to our contract cities, and the Muckleshoot Tribe to review the workload of the contracted services. From 2019 to present, the stats are in a similar format to our NIBRS stats but compiled based on the date crime was reported to us rather than the date of occurrence. Please note, these are not the official crime statistics, official crime statistics are located under option 2 above. The quarterly reports are available via request through public disclosure.